Marcação Online de Terapias

Born in the north of France where she spent part of her childhood. She came to live in Portugal and, contrary to what one might imagine, he went through a degree, via teaching, in Classics at the University of Aveiro.
She has been teaching for twenty years.
Throughout his life, she felt a fascination and an immense curiosity for mystical themes.
One day, she decided to enroll in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Pratictioner Course at the Neurolinguistic Programming Institute in Lisbon for personal development. It was the milestone for the beginning of her personal transformation. Enchanted with a world of techniques, decided to continue in the World of NLP until terminus, obtaining the level of Trainer of NLP in the same Institute. Discover, then, in this World a call to another Dimension: Reiki.
Does initiation in Reiki. The Reikian Energy and its 5 principles become part of her daily life. At the end of 7 months, feel prepared to progress to level II of Reiki. New discoveries occur in her life ... desire to learn to read Aura.
The beginning of the course of the Aura Reading triggers the unfolding of a magical process, that is, it triggers creativity in the Art of Drawings. This is how Zen feels, and pleasure, by Zen Drawing, revealing these Drawings in moments of instrospection and meditative state.
Her journey does not end here ... there are new calls and goals. All are aimed at helping people to Awaken and to develop on a personal level, to find their Mission and to be above all happy in their Essence.

Om Shanti.